Cat Throwing Up Food But Acting Normal

Cat vomiting after eating food.

Do you have a cat who is vomiting up but else behaving normally? A common occurrence among cat owners is the unpleasant feeling of cat vomit between the toes when taking a nocturnal toilet excursion or throwing up in your lovely carpet. When a cat vomits, he is actively expelling stomach fluids. Vomiting may be … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries?

Dog eating the fresh raspberries in the garden.

It may be challenging for dog owners to recall which fruit is safe for their loyal friends to eat and which fruits might be deadly to their pooches. So, where else do raspberries sit on the dietary guidelines? Is it okay for dogs to eat raspberries? Absolutely, raspberries are healthy for canines to eat. However, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

Dog eating cucumber.

While other animals have an innate feline omnivorous tendency, dogs also exhibit the same, which causes them to have an insatiable appetite for almost any kind of human food, whatever humans eat regardless of the nutritional value, whether or not this is healthy for them. When you’re the owner, you’re often confused about what is … Read more

Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room?

Placing dog crate in living room.

As dog owners, we all have to deal with the issue of crate training our dogs. Aside from learning how to crate train our dogs properly. Owners have one specific problem, deciding where to put the cage in their home. Where should the dog cage be placed to assist your dog in becoming acclimated to … Read more

How Big Should a Hamster Cage Be?

Female choosing the suitable cage size for her new hamster pet.

Given that hamsters will live the rest of its life within their cages, it is critical that you provide them with the ideal size cage for their needs. When caring for these little animals, your hamster’s cage is most certainly the essential investment you will take. The ideal cages for your hamsters should be convenient … Read more

How Big Do Russian Hamsters Get?

Large Russian hamster.

If you’re thinking about getting a hamster or have already bought a small hamster that is still growing, you may be pondering. How big do Russian Hamsters grow? Campbell’s hamsters and winter white hamsters are two kinds of Russian dwarf hamsters often kept as pets and the most popular animals out there. Pet shops often … Read more

Smallest Hamster Breed

Different breeds of small size hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters were formerly exclusively accessible through licensed breeders. However, as the reputation of these hamster breeds amongst pet owners has grown, a few of these breeds have become more easily accessible to local pet shops. Dwarf hamsters are the smallest breeds of hamsters that are found mainly in arid areas all over the globe. … Read more

Why Cat Not Eating and Hiding?

Cat hiding in the box and not coming out to eat.

Cats are among the most precious pets due to their traits and behaviors that are so charming to observe. Whenever your cat begins to be playing hiding and search, this is an example of adorable behavior. Nevertheless, a concern may come into your thoughts when your cat is lurking yet not eating, and you may … Read more

Cat Sleeping All Day Not Eating

Cat sleeps on the sofa all day long.

In this article, we will go over several probable causes of why your cat sleeps a lot and have no time to eat. It will assist you in determining whether or not their altered sleeping patterns are the reason for worry. Ability to understand your cat’s behaviors is critical to providing the best care possible. … Read more

How Much Wet Canned Food to Feed a Cat? 

Feeding wet canned food to cat.

The growing number of veterinarians who suggest wet food regimens for cats tends to put cat owners in making numerous personal decisions. It may be challenging to decide how much wet canned food is ideal for your cat. Considering that obesity is increasing and roughly 60% of feline are overweight, understanding how much canned food … Read more