Are Pistachio and Its Shells Bad for Dogs?

Feeding dog with Pistachio.

As dog owners, we must be cautious about the foods we provide to our dog companions. We always keep our pets secure, comfortable, healthy, and free of danger at all times. Whenever it comes to their food, we tend to offer them our food as a treat.   It seems we have always had the instinct … Read more

Why Do Cats Sit on Laps?

Cat sitting on the lap.

Why does a cat sit on you on your lap? Cats feel secure once they are close to you. Thus, they want to sit on your lap. It is also possible that they are just warming up or extending their connection. Lap cats are far cuddlier when they are trusting their humans. Some cats indeed … Read more

Can Cats Eat Raw Beef?

Cat eating fresh beef meat on the kitchen cutting board.

Cats are carnivores, meaning they must consume meat to thrive and stay fit. As a result, it’s normal to believe that you may safely share your carnivorous meals with your cat. However, it is not that straightforward. A cat’s dietary requirements are different from ours. Without the correct understanding, while include meats in your cat’s … Read more

How to Keep Puppy Warm in Crate

Dog playing actively in the crate itself.

A question I often get asked by dog owners is about how to keep their dogs busy inside the crate. Dogs will surely get bored inside a crate, especially if they got nothing to toy with. But if you know how to keep your dog busy while inside the crate, you can surely do your … Read more

Is Parrot an Animal or a Bird?

Parrot in the jungle.

I was reading through a forum the other day, and one question that piqued my attention was whether the parrot is a bird or an animal. This question made me guffaw a bit because I know that parrots are birds and birds are animals from my zoology class. However, it seems that this question came from … Read more

Are Beefhide & Rawhide Good for Dogs?

Beefhide bone shape for dog.

Any responsible dog owner would indeed search the net for whatever food is best suited for their pets. But once you search online, you will surely come across the terms beef hide and rawhide for dogs. So, you may be asking: “Are these types of beefhide and rawhide food good for your dogs?” Beefhide refers to a dog treat that … Read more

Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal

Cats Losing Appetite

A cat’s refusal to eat may be further than a sign of undesirable behavior in rare instances. It could be due to a variety of factors.  Like humans, cats are obstinate, temperamental, sometimes picky eaters. Feral cats, in particular, may consume considerable time rooting amongst waste and foraging for raw meat to obtain the ideal … Read more

How Much Does A Cat Cost Per Month?

Man feeding cat at home.

Raising a cat may enrich your life with unconditional love and friendship. Additionally, keeping a furry companion might effectively reduce anxiety and enhance your cardiovascular condition. Fostering a cat may be a gratifying experience. A feline has the power to both relax and stimulate your immune system. While cats are individualistic creatures like scavenging and … Read more

Why Do Cats Bring You Toys?

Cat bite toy.

Cats may be confusing to grasp primarily because of their habits, such as when they abruptly spring up and rush by one side of the home toward the other or when they whisk your lap or the cushion while reclining. Crucially, why would cats continue to leave lifeless victims on the front door? Your cat … Read more

Benefits of Catnip for Cats

Domestic cat sniffs and licks on catnip plant in the garden.

Cats love to sniff on the Catnip. There are countless benefits that your cat can get from the Catnip. However, there are some unknown threats that it imposed on cats if you serving it wrong. What Is Catnip? Catnip, or Nepeta cataria, is a perennial plant belonging to the peppermint and spearmint orders having approximately … Read more