Best Pet Birds for Beginners

12 types and species of bird that most suitable for beginners.

Several years ago, one of my foremost concerns as an aspiring pet bird owner was about which pet bird is best for beginners. So I did my assignment then, searched online, and asked pet bird owners for their recommendations, and my effort paid off. I had learned which species of birds are best for beginners and the essential factors to consider when selecting a pet bird. 

As an aspiring pet bird owner, you can’t simply select birds like eagle or vulture or be like Harry Potter, who owns an owl. You can’t just also opt for a hen or a goose as your pet bird. When choosing a pet bird, it pays to be reasonable. You need to know, for example, the noise levels produced by the bird, the attention and time it needs, the size of its cage, and many other factors before you zero in on a particular pet bird species.   

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pet Bird

You would surely want a pet bird that will not nip or bite your hands; you would like something gentle and friendly. So, if you’re going to be a pet bird owner, it will be best to consider the following essential factors to consider when selecting a pet bird:

The Size of the Bird

The size of the bird matters when selecting a pet bird. If you got only a tiny space for your pet bird, you can’t go for macaws which require larger cages. Moreover, as a pet owner, you would like to provide your pet bird the utmost comfort possible. 

You can’t just buy a large bird and confine that bird in a cramped cage. Besides, you cannot simply settle for a pet bird that you can’t handle. So, it will be best to carefully consider the size of the bird before you even decide on having it.

Noise Level Produced by the Bird

If you’re occupying an apartment and got neighbors who don’t want to be disturbed, you might as well go for birds that are not noisy. Your neighbors may not be pet lovers and may not like the noise that your pet bird is creating. Besides, as a beginner, you may not know precisely the level of noise your pet will create. 

So, before zeroing in on a particular pet bird, do a bit of research. Know how many decibels does that bird’s chirping produce. Make sure that the pet bird that you will choose does not create much noise.

The Lifespan of the Bird

You will find birds that have longer lifespans. These birds can live longer than dogs and cats. Some birds, in fact, can live more than fifty years. Some birds, however, only live up to 10 years or less. 

So, before you add another pet bird to your homestead, it will be best to study their lifespan and figure out if you can be up to the task of taking care of that bird throughout its lifetime.

Level of Sociability of the Bird

Birds exhibit different behaviors. Some pet birds, for example, tend to observe more than interact with others. Examples of these birds include the Canaries and the finches. 

If you are the type of owner who doesn’t interact much with your pet, these pet birds are best for you. However, some birds are trainable and tend to be more sociable than others.

Attention Needs

Another crucial consideration when choosing a pet bird is the bird’s need for attention. Some birds, for example, will not thrive without showering them with attention. Examples of these birds include the Amazon Parrots. These birds love to bond and want attention from their pet owners. 

Some birds can become depressed and moody when you don’t shower them with attention. So, you need to bear this factor in mind before you choose a pet bird.

The Most Recommended Pet Birds for Beginners

Pet birds come in varieties of beauty and behavior. As such, choosing can become a bit confusing. Some birds can swim, jump, run, or even dive. The truth is that there is really a variety of pet birds to choose from. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out this rundown of the best pet birds you can get as a beginner:

1) Parakeets (Budgies)

If you are looking for a very affectionate pet bird, you should consider the parakeet. Parakeets are also known as budgies. They are trainable and are capable of speaking a bit. They are also relatively small, requiring only a small cage and space at your home. 

If you do it right in taming and training the parakeet, it can be a wonderful pet. It shows its affection, which makes it a perfect beginner’s pet bird. It is also a low-maintenance bird. Moreover, the parakeet is intelligent and had been known to learn many bird tricks. It can also talk and mimic human speech.

2) Dove

Another excellent pet bird is the dove. The dove can be domesticated and may end up an amiable pet bird. Dove seldom nips or bites its owner. Therefore, you can easily handle a dove even if you are inexperienced with birds. Moreover, if you train the dove well, it can be very affectionate and loving. It also enjoys the company of its caretaker, and as such, it is a perfect pet bird for beginners.

The dove, of course, is perfect for those who want an affectionate bird but can’t afford the noise of a parrot. It interacts well with its owner, and its cooing is quite pleasant to the ear. 

The cage of a parrot and a dove differs from each other. The dove, being incapable of climbing up the bar, needs a wide cage. A wide cage will provide it with excellent foot health. The dove also wants to bathe, so you need to provide it with bathing provision.

3) Cockatiels

The Cockatiel, also called quarrion, is a tiny parrot. It is a highly valued pet bird and is a good companion at home. It is easy to breed. Additionally, it is a popular pet bird choice for a beginner. It has a variety of hues or color patterns with a head crest. It is friendly and easy to tame compared to parrots. 

The Cockatiel can also mimic human speech, although its mimicking may be a bit difficult to comprehend. It can whistle well and can hum a tune. It also wants to be petted and cuddled.

Cockatiels can whistle and vocalize. Nevertheless, they don’t do it as loud as some parrots. The male Cockatiel can mimic better the human speech and whistle. Yet, even the female Cockatiel is no slouch in mimicking human whistles and speech. Both can also mimic other sounds like phones, alarm clocks, and other wild birds.

4) Finches

If you want a feathered pet, one excellent choice is the finch. The finch is a good alternative to the parrot, especially if you can’t yet handle a parrot. The finch, however, never talks like the parrot. Yet, it can delight you with its antics. It is also very sociable. 

The finch, however, may tend to be not a cuddly companion. But if you have the chance to hand-raise a finch, it may learn the habit of perching on your finger.

Finches are beautiful birds. They have variegated colors that include grey, orange, red, black, brown, and white. Since they like to fly around, you will need to provide them with a huge cage. 

They don’t like climbing. Moreover, they don’t want to be cuddled or handled. So, if you wish to have finches are pets, you should know that you don’t need to cuddle them very often but only appreciate them from afar.

5) Lovebirds

Another famous pet bird is the lovebird. If you have not yet tried petting a bird, this bird is the most recommended one for you. Lovebirds come in various colors, and they are quite small. They are also of low maintenance. They can also live without any companion; yet, they would love to spend time with you as a pet owner. 

Lovebirds are pretty playful. Thus, you should provide them with many things to toy with. If you get a pair of lovebirds, these lovebirds will bond with each other. They may also interact with you and other people. Therefore, if you buy one lovebird, you will need to provide it with social interactions and activities.

6) Pyrrhura Conures

Pyrrhura Conures come with huge personalities. Yet, they are tiny. These birds are interactive and very intelligent. But, they also require enough commitment and care from those who would like to have them as pets. 

Pyrrhura Conures love to play. They are active, and they like to explore and chew. They thrive in playing, so you need to stuff them with lots of toys. They are intelligent and can learn several tricks quickly. Moreover, with more thorough training, you can teach them complicated tricks. 

They are also very sociable, and so you need to provide them with ample interaction and socialization; otherwise, they will get bored. If you’re a busy person who can’t shower them with ample attention, it will be best to refrain from selecting these birds as pets.

7) Quaker Parakeets

The Quaker Parakeet, also called monk parakeet, is a very charming and comical bird. It is also very much willing to mimic human speech. Having this bird as your pet allows you to enjoy all the excitement and fun of having a parrot in your homestead. As a beginner, you will find this bird not challenging to maintain. 

The quaker parakeet can build a nest and is known as the only parrot that builds a nest. It spends time building its elaborate nest using branches and twigs. Its nest usually has many rooms, and it will usually build its nest near the other nests. 

The quaker parakeet is a confident bird. It is also very social. Moreover, it is very entertaining to humans. It tends to talk a lot, and it needs much attention from others. 

If you don’t like noisy birds or your neighbors don’t like noisy birds, you better not choose the quaker for this bird is a noisy bird. It will awaken most sleepers with its noise. Moreover, if you are desirous of a hands-on pet bird, you will find this bird, not an excellent choice.

8) Parrotlet

The parrotlet is a mini-parrot characterized by a vibrant personality. It’s only five inches long, and the bungie is a bit bigger than it. It is a noisy bird, and hence, if you are bent on having this bird as a pet, you need to provide it with a lot of space. 

When it comes to maintenance, the parrotlet is quite easy to maintain. However, this bird exudes a larger-than-its-body-size personality, and for this reason, you need to shower this bird with enough time for socialization and play. Without consistent handling, this bird may become a bit wild. Nevertheless, if you interact with this bird more often, you could develop a strong bond with it. 

This bird is somewhat like the lovebirds when it comes to social needs. If you buy a pair of this bird, the couple will bond with each other, ignoring other people around. The parrotlet is a good pet as a single parrot and could provide you with enough companionship.

9) Hyacinth Macaw

Another bird in the family of parrots that is worth keeping as a pet is the hyacinth macaw. It is a large parrot and is very smart and beautiful. It can imitate human speech, and for this reason, it is very intelligent. It was originally from South America (Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay). 

The hyacinth macaw is considered the Great Dane of birds, being 40 inches long. It can be one of the best pet companions you can ever have, and it is very sociable. It got blue feathers on its body with a solid beak. Its eye has a yellow ring. 

It is a gentle giant and is very friendly. It may not be the best talker, but it will surely learn some phrases that will amaze its listeners. It can be a long-lifer bird with a lifespan of around fifty years.

10) Pionus Parrots

Pionus parrots, of course, are not that flashy compared to other parrots. For this reason, not many would like to have this parrot as a pet. However, you can easily handle this parrot because of its miniature size. If you are looking for a pet that would not disturb your neighborhood, you might as well go for this bird because it is not loud. 

The Pionus parrot is affectionate and sweet. It is also easy-going and good-looking. The most commonly kept species of this bird include the Maximillian, Blue-headed, and White-capped

This bird is a cuddly bird and can be reserved. However, it doesn’t enjoy playing and being wrestled. So, if you want a non-invasive companion, you should consider this bird.

11) Canaries

The canary is an independent bird and is a beautiful one. It has been bred as a pet since the fourteen century. Nevertheless, this bird is not a companion bird. It is better as an object of admiration than a companion bird. 

Moreover, you would need an adequately sized cage for this bird because it spends most of its time in a cage. The canary is very territorial. As such, it often sees other canaries as a threat.

The canary doesn’t want to be cuddled. It is a hands-off bird and will not interact with you. So, if you want an observational bird, you might as well go for this one. It is also of low maintenance.

12) Amazon Parrots

The Amazon parrot is an expensive type of pet bird. It is an intelligent bird that is sociable likewise. The personality of this bird, however, requires more meticulous handling. It is constantly looking for attention and interaction. Hence, it will help to know its character before even trying to have this bird as your pet. 

This bird is famous for its bright green feathers and a bit stocky frame. It is also slightly larger than other parrots. Moreover, it is very active and plays around most of the time. It has excellent vocal abilities and will show off its capabilities. It also enjoys mimicking its owner and makes loud squarks to pique its owner’s attention.


Pets, like bird pets, should not be considered accessories that you can dispose of if they inconvenience you. They need care, love, and devotion. Pets also need to be a part of the family. If you have a pet bird, you need to consider it as a family member. If you are alone, you can’t simply engage in a getaway for days, leaving behind your pet bird unattended. It will be best to consider your pet bird in your schedule.

Moreover, when choosing a pet bird, you need to be cognizant of the abovementioned essential factors before choosing a bird type. In this way, you can definitely mitigate the risks involved in having a pet bird. Besides, if you know the characteristics of the pet bird you will adopt, you can adequately cater to its needs and shower it with the attention that it deserves. 

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