Can Dog Food Cause Seizures?

dog seizures

A variety of causes may induce seizures in dogs, such as the ingestion of toxins or potentially poisonous chemicals, among many other things. Aside from higher and lower blood sugar, micronutrient deficiencies, and other metabolism factors, specific causes may also occur.

Idiopathic epilepsy, commonly known as primary epilepsy, is the most prevalent symptom of seizures in dogs. The exact etiology of this condition is unclear when there is no hidden illness that can detect, plus nothing reason driving the seizures, or the dog seems to be generally healthy. 

Seizures may be classified into many categories it may be classified into three categories: widespread, localized, and unidentified. Several breeds are also more biologically prone to experiencing seizures and epilepsy than others.

What Foods Trigger Dog Seizures?

There are a variety of dietary factors that may induce seizures in dogs. These stressors may be present in your pet’s regular food or may have been accidentally consumed. 

Dogs suffering from food allergens are also more likely to have seizures, mainly caused by allergic responses to produce low-grade dog food commercially. The inclusion of harmful additives, chemicals, and emulsions in these dog meals elevates the likelihood that your pet may have health issues in the long run.

In addition, various human meals have been shown to cause seizures in some dogs. Even though these are uncommon instances, some foods, including tomato, carrot, cheese, dairy, uncooked and dirty pig and turkey’s meats, give serious health risks to dogs. 

Commercially manufactured dog food and goodies that may include BHA, ethoxyquin, and foods incorporating MSG are other frequent contamination sources in the dog food and treat that we can buy in the market. Moreover, a high-sodium diet is associated with pancreatic irritation and epileptic seizures.

Dog owners who have botanical gardening may inadvertently expose their dogs to seizure-inducing substances in their gardens, which is dangerous. Herbs and seasonings like anise, saffron, and mint, among others, have been linked to the onset of convulsions. It may also find the ingredients listed above in dog goods, including specific uncleansed snacks, flavored nibbles, and other things.

Dogs Prone to Seizures Should Not Eat the Following

Foods That Are Known to Cause Inflammation

When you consider that inflammatory response affects each organ system in the body and the brain, it should be unsurprising that inflammation may culminate in seizures. Do not feed your dog any foreseeably inflammatory recipes, as with foods that provoke allergic reactions or gluten intolerance, or hypersensitivity in the pooch. It contains artificial flavoring, grains, soy products dairy products—but keep in mind that this can even include food that tends to cause an issue for a specific dog. In general, avoid feeding gluten-containing foods to dogs experiencing seizures seeing as gluten has been related to a range of neurological ailments, notably epilepsy, and has been shown to induce autoimmune thyroiditis.

Foods That Cause Blood Sugar to Fluctuate

Sugars have the potential to disturb the body’s balance or homeostatic, which may result in seizures. Glucose, honey, white grains, millet, maize, white potato, even peas are all high-glycemic-index carbs that should be avoided by dogs that are susceptible to seizures.

Dietary Containing Glutamate and Aspartate

Glutamate and aspartate were two stimulating non-essential amino acids that your dog’s body does not require, and they will lead to seizures.

These foods contain high levels of these amino acids you should avoid for your dog:

  • Grains
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Dairymilk products
  • Beans (especially soy)
  • Nuts (especially peanuts, cashews, and pistachios)
  • Seeds (especially sunflower, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds)
  • Turkey

A variety of pseudonyms for MSG are used to prepare various foods. You can find it on the product’s food labeling. It is advised to prevent feeding these products to dogs that have liver problems.

Rosemary and Oregano

Rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory is widely used in the making of dog foods. Although it is probably safe for most dogs, it is neurotoxic that may cause seizures in susceptible dogs. Oregano is likewise a potent neurotoxin, and it should not be consumed by those who have epilepsy.

Deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals

For the nervous system to operate efficiently, it must consume various vitamins and minerals. For instance, mineral deficits may impair the electrical signals of brain cells as provoke seizures. Sedative minerals can relax and soothe the nervous system. Antioxidant vitamins (A, C, and E) assist in stimulating the immune system and prevent stress. Vitamin B is among the essential vitamins for protecting preventing seizure occurrence.

Best Dog Food for Seizures

Since some foods are known to induce seizures in dogs, altering your dog’s diet to include specially formulated dog meals may be advantageous. There are specific dietary items developed to treat the nutritional deficits and limitations that are often caused by the health issue. When selecting the finest dog food to prevent seizures, it is essential to take the vitamin and nutritional profile of the product into consideration. 

Several factors to think about while selecting the finest dog food to prevent seizures are as follows:

  • Check to see that the products you buy for your dogs are produced from the highest base ingredients possible. 
  • Be mindful of hazardous chemicals and poisons that may cause seizures, and always read the nutrient label for a rundown of the contents in a product.
  • Dog food high in healthful animal fats is recommended since they provide a wide variety of neurological advantages to your pooch.
  • Note that maintaining your dog’s brain function is critical, so choose good fats for their brain.
  • Ensure to purchase a product that includes all the required amino acids necessary for your dog’s healthy muscular development.
  • A dog diet high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids are recommended for dogs suffering severe epilepsy since these acids assist in reducing the incidence of convulsions in the dogs.
  • It is also significant to select dog diets that include other vitamins and minerals that may help to improve the cardiovascular and immune systems.

The top dog food brands that provide excellent nutritional content for dogs are Pedigree and Purina. Blue Buffalo, on the other hand, got poor scores among a divided reception to the brand. Some dog owners say that the product helps avoid seizures, while others allege that the medication is responsible for their pet’s seizures.


With the exclusion of severe spoilage or dangerous amounts of specific minerals, dog kibble is not the most prevalent trigger of seizures. A unique approach to prevent complications that accrue over time is to feed your dog a healthy balanced diet.

If your dog has seizures, the very first step you should do is take it to the veterinarian. It is essential not to overlook the possible factors that have naught to do with diet. If you have any evidence to posit that your dog’s diet is too responsible, speak with your veterinarian. Moreover, get a recommendation with your vet to determine the most effective methods for preventing your dog’s seizures.

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