How Much Wet Canned Food to Feed a Cat? 

Feeding wet canned food to cat.

The growing number of veterinarians who suggest wet food regimens for cats tends to put cat owners in making numerous personal decisions. It may be challenging to decide how much wet canned food is ideal for your cat. Considering that obesity is increasing and roughly 60% of feline are overweight, understanding how much canned food … Read more

How to Make Cat Food Gravy

Wet and gravy cat food in a bowl.

A large number of cat food varieties have just appeared on the marketplace, and this may be excellent news for pet parents. They no longer have to be concerned about what they will feed their fuzzy felines. However, numerous pet owners are worried about the safety of pre-packaged cat food. Several pet owners do not … Read more

Cat Feeding Guide by Weight

Scaling the weight of a cat to adjust its feeding portion and frequency.

At first, feeding a cat seems to be a straightforward process. For your cat to consume the food you purchase, you must first place the food in a bowl and then wait for your cat to finish the food when it is hungry. The technique can be effective, but it does not necessarily play a … Read more