Can Dogs Eat Raspberries?

Dog eating the fresh raspberries in the garden.

It may be challenging for dog owners to recall which fruit is safe for their loyal friends to eat and which fruits might be deadly to their pooches. So, where else do raspberries sit on the dietary guidelines? Is it okay for dogs to eat raspberries? Absolutely, raspberries are healthy for canines to eat. However, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

Dog eating cucumber.

While other animals have an innate feline omnivorous tendency, dogs also exhibit the same, which causes them to have an insatiable appetite for almost any kind of human food, whatever humans eat regardless of the nutritional value, whether or not this is healthy for them. When you’re the owner, you’re often confused about what is … Read more

Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room?

Placing dog crate in living room.

As dog owners, we all have to deal with the issue of crate training our dogs. Aside from learning how to crate train our dogs properly. Owners have one specific problem, deciding where to put the cage in their home. Where should the dog cage be placed to assist your dog in becoming acclimated to … Read more

Can Dog Food Cause Ear Infections?

Checking ear infection on dog.

Dogs are most often afflicted with ear infections due to dietary allergies. Food allergies may lead to inflammatory diseases, which allow for the development of yeast and bacteria in the intestines, ultimately building up to the rest of the body, especially the ear. Based on study findings is that one in five dogs has some … Read more

Can Dog Food Cause Seizures?

dog seizures

A variety of causes may induce seizures in dogs, such as the ingestion of toxins or potentially poisonous chemicals, among many other things. Aside from higher and lower blood sugar, micronutrient deficiencies, and other metabolism factors, specific causes may also occur. Idiopathic epilepsy, commonly known as primary epilepsy, is the most prevalent symptom of seizures … Read more

Dog Eating Slower Than Usual

Dog eat very slow.

The majority of dogs are active eaters, indulging enthusiastically at meals or consuming copious amounts of rewards. Therefore, it may be very worrying for pet owners when their dog begins to eat more slowly than average, mainly since dogs can barely convey their emotions to humans through physical expressions. Several internal and external stresses may … Read more

What Pet Stores Sell Dogs?

Family is buying and getting a new dog.

Most pet stores have witnessed a response from customers who refuse animals from kitten and puppy mills, and they would like to separate themselves from them and don’t want to sell dogs.  However, PetSmart and PetValu continue to offer cats available for adoption, but the animals are now sourced from animal shelters or sanctuaries. Thus, … Read more

How Long to Feed Puppy Food?

Should you change your puppy food to adult dog food?

There are various methods you may use to ensure that your dog consumes well-balanced and nutritious food. But with so many different feeding regimens to select from, all of which are of varied quality, it may not be easy to know which direction to turn. The choices you make about your puppy’s food and nutrition … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? (Chart)

Controlling the amount and portions you feed the dogs.

Many dog owners always have the challenge of determining how much food to give their dogs. The simple visit to the pet shop doesn’t provide the whole story since several subtleties differ across the dogs.  When it comes to keeping dogs healthy, one of the most effective methods is giving them the appropriate quantity of … Read more

Can Dogs Have Cantaloupe?

Should you feed your dog with Cantaloupe?

It may be challenging to keep checking which fruits are safe for your canine friend to eat like a dog owner. So, are dogs allowed to eat cantaloupe? Dogs may safely consume the delicious cantaloupe within the limit, and it can be a healthful alternative to conventional treats, mainly if your companion is obese. Even … Read more