Are Pistachio and Its Shells Bad for Dogs?

Feeding dog with Pistachio.

As dog owners, we must be cautious about the foods we provide to our dog companions. We always keep our pets secure, comfortable, healthy, and free of danger at all times. Whenever it comes to their food, we tend to offer them our food as a treat.   It seems we have always had the instinct … Read more

How to Keep Puppy Warm in Crate

Dog playing actively in the crate itself.

A question I often get asked by dog owners is about how to keep their dogs busy inside the crate. Dogs will surely get bored inside a crate, especially if they got nothing to toy with. But if you know how to keep your dog busy while inside the crate, you can surely do your … Read more

Are Beefhide & Rawhide Good for Dogs?

Beefhide bone shape for dog.

Any responsible dog owner would indeed search the net for whatever food is best suited for their pets. But once you search online, you will surely come across the terms beef hide and rawhide for dogs. So, you may be asking: “Are these types of beefhide and rawhide food good for your dogs?” Beefhide refers to a dog treat that … Read more

How to Keep Puppy and Dog Warm in Crate

Freezing puppy dog in the crate.

George Eliot once said that “animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticism.” I would agree with him, for pets like dogs would never criticize you. Dogs, for example, are just there like real friends, and their presence means a lot for all of us.  Pet dogs should be treated as … Read more