Do Cats Attack, Kill, and Eat Rabbits?

Cat hunt and chase rabbit in the wild.

Everyone is aware that cats like chasing, hunting, killing, and playing with rodents. The majority of cat toys are even shaped like mice. Even if your cat were born in confinement, you would be amazed at how much hunting skill it has if you have ever seen it pursue and pounce on one of these mouse toys. To be sure, rodents aren’t the only kind of critter that cats are interested in killing. Several cat owners have tales of their cats bringing them dead animals as a kind of homage.

Cats are naturally drawn to hunting and killing prey. They even play with their newly captured captives cruelly after capturing them. If a cat sees a chance to slaughter a rabbit, you can guarantee the cat will take advantage of the situation.

Do Cats Pose a Threat to Rabbits?

Cats are a potential danger to rabbits. They have an innate desire to hunt, and a rabbit is ideal prey and provides a perfect opportunity to make an attack and kill. If wild cats are wandering around your neighborhood or if your neighbors have cats, you must expect that they will represent a threat to your rabbit.

Not all cats will attack a bunny. Cats that have previously been exposed and domesticated with your bunnies are the least dangerous in future trouble. If you have a pet cat, you may work on improving their connection with one another. It will need tolerance, attention, and careful preparation and deliberation. 

If your cat is accustomed to sharing his space with pet bunnies, you will have less to bother about in the long run. It does not imply that you should end up leaving them alone. Just the fact that they may be able to spend time in each other’s companionship without the fear of being attacked is enough. Being attentive and being able to distinguish between the two is critical, to be precise.

On the other hand, introducing a rabbit into your house is a new occasion for your cat, you will almost certainly encounter some difficulties. Whatever you do, don’t try to force them to get along. Cats are hunters and predators, while rabbits are their prey. Raising these two vastly distinct creatures to coexist harmoniously will take some time, commitment, and a great deal of monitoring, but the effort will be well worthwhile. Constantly tread on the side of precaution.

Why Do Cats Murder Rabbits?

It is mainly reliant on the conditions in which the cat finds itself. Cats may also kill rabbits as a result of their playful behavior. For a well-nourished cat with a loving owner, the urge to chase the bunny is the score to settle behind the killing. However, we know that cats love playing with their victims and do not always kill them. Some of several pets would only follow the bunny for the exhilaration of the chase. Occasionally, the cat may consume a tiny portion of the bunny, such as the portion of the head, to commemorate the win.

A wild cat that is parenting a litter kittens, the necessity of food for survival serves as the drive. It is most probable that in this situation, the cat would carry the dead to a place where it is secure from other predatory animals and then eat it. It is the action of the entire lifecycle. The cat mainly influences hunting, and it causes the rabbit’s demise and an overall number of rabbits in the area where the cat resides.

Can A Cat’s Bite Kill A Rabbit?

Cats have a ferocious bite that may cause serious injury. Based on your size, you ought to survive, but smaller animals such as rabbits will be in grave danger if a cat bites them. Just one bite is all it takes to bring down a rabbit. A rabbit may manage to flee the assault, but even if the cat cannot murder the rabbit right away, the cat’s mouth is packed with toxins. The rabbit will most certainly die as a result of the infection caused by the bite. Once an edge has been inflicted, the cat will always follow the rabbit, not unless it executes the killing completely, not unless someone interfered to stop it.

Even if you stopped and managed to remove your feline from its target, the rabbit will need urgent medical care. Vary is based on the rabbit’s physical condition, and you may be able to confine it and transport it to a veterinary facility without harm. Although not all veterinarians accept rabbits, some emergency animal institutions are well-equipped to treat rabbits in an emergency. Please communicate with the vet ahead of time to see whether they take your insurance to prevent unnecessary visits.

Can a Cat Kill a Rabbit of the Same Size as Itself?

When it comes to rabbits of the same size, a cat can easily take care of them. They are capable of taking down rabbits that are much larger than themselves. Bunnies are prey animals by their nature, which is why they are considered such prey animals. The fact that they are entirely harmless is what attracts them to prey.

Rabbits may possess those leaping abilities and rapid movements. However, they lack the killing ability to defend themselves against predators. Even more concerning, they cannot even defend themselves other than by fleeing. As a result, cats use it as a chance to hunt rabbits, who do not represent a danger to the felines by fighting back.

As a result, cats use it as a chance to hunt rabbits. Cats are naturally fearful creatures. As a result, apart from being predators, they are also a little more vigilant and intelligent. They only seek animals that they believe they are capable of handling. Their inquisitiveness, of course, extends to engaging in competition with other predators. In the majority of instances, they feed on prey animals such as rabbits.

Do Cat Eat Rabbits?

Cats are capable of consuming bunnies. Cats have also been seen hunting and killing rabbits without consuming the prey. Eating rabbits is not only bad for cats, but it may also result in the transmission of Tularemia.

The intensity of such hunting has dramatically influenced the cat itself, the reason for which it kills the rabbit having the general accessibility of rabbits in the cat’s territory, among other factors. The specifics of cats eating rabbits are not usually apparent to their human owners, even though it is regarded typical predatory instinct for them.

Are Cats Always Consumptive of the Rabbits They Kill?

For the most part, humans see nature as tranquil. Even some individuals believe that humans are cruel enough to find pleasure in killing, but that is incorrect. Cats enjoy torturing their victim while murdering them, and they frequently kill just for fun. There are no shades of gray in malevolence; there is just black and white.

Cats are so fond of killing that they are known to murder numerous species for no reason at all. Cats will devour rabbits if they are sufficiently hungry. Cats that are kept as house pets aren’t often hungry enough to consume the prey they catch. The delicious meal you provide for them makes them likewise very satisfied. Felines have an inclination to hunt and kill. Therefore, they may do it just for the pleasure of it, without considering it a food source.

Can Cats Get Sick from Eating Rabbits?

Your cat may get unwell after consuming rabbits since rodents consume trash and dwell in waste. As a result, dangerous bacteria may enter the cat’s body through the rabbit’s digestive tract. Even if you are aware that your cat has slain a bunny, there is a high possibility that it may consume a small portion of it. Then you may take your pet to the veterinary for a consultation, which you should do at least once on a basis if you let your cat roam freely outside your home and yard.

Tularaemia, commonly regarded as rabbit influenza, is a disease that you should keep in mind if you have killed a rabbit. Eating an infected rodent most widely causes it. Rabbit flu is an uncommon illness that affects a small percentage of cats.

How to Prevent Cats from Attacking Rabbits?

Train the Cat to Not Eat Your Rabbit 

You can teach your cat to avoid attacking another family member. The critical point to remember here is that not all cats, like other predatory animals, will constantly hunt for rabbits. It indicates that you may be able to prevent a cat from devouring the rabbit. Indeed, there is a possibility that your cat and rabbit may become good buddies, as was the case in my situation. Nevertheless, this will need some duties on your part as well. At first, you may acclimate the cat to your new pet, but keep the rabbit at a secure range and in a cage that will safeguard it in an exigency. Additionally, you may continue organizing similar encounters until you are sure that you can bring these two diametrically personalities together in a secure environment. It teaches them that they coexist and that your cat would never devour your rabbit.

Protect Your Rabbit from Stray Cats

There have been occasions when the homeowner was not there, and a feral cat sneaked into the rabbit’s cage and harmed it. It is a frequent occurrence, and if this is your first encounter with rabbits, you must take all precautions to safeguard your bunny. As stated before, there is a greater likelihood of a stray cat eating your rabbit. To keep my rabbit safe while I was away, I constructed an actual hutch out of very difficult-to-break lumber. It is also to defend your bunny from potential predators. For a cat, there is one thing you must remember Never let your rabbits outside while you are gone. Once you possess a rabbit, you must recognize the danger and take the necessary precautions.

Isolate Both Pets While You Are Not Around

Whenever you are not present, constantly keep them apart and restrict their direct exposure to one another. Allow both pets to interact with one another only while you are there. In this manner, you can be confident that your cat will not make any trouble. Simultaneously, you can be certain that your rabbit will not get worried enough by seeing your cat.


Cats are bred to hunt and kill lesser creatures, and they inherit the reflexes of their wild predecessors. Cats may not necessarily fight for food they may do it as a kind of play or satisfy their pleasure. However, there are some encouraging tidings herein. Rabbits and cats can coexist with some commitment and attention in regulated engagement settings. These two creatures may be challenging in the first place. After addressing some practical ways, you can contribute to a more harmonious, cohabiting environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If My Cat Manages to Capture a Rabbit?

If your cat captures a rabbit and it is still alive, your best option is to contact an expert, such as a rescue organization, immediately. If you are acquainted with the locality and know where your cat obtained the rabbit, it is recommended that you return there with it. Although this is acceptable, you should only do it if you discover the rabbit unhurt and able to move around. If the creature has many wounds, it is advisable to contact the local authorities and request help with this situation.

Is It Possible for a Rabbit to Fend off a Cat?

Rabbits are unable to defend themselves against prospective predators because they lack the necessary killing capabilities. Even yet, if these creatures find themselves in a tight spot, they may resort to fighting. Furthermore, if rabbits see that the animals pursuing them are smaller than them, they may resort to using their back legs and fangs to defend themselves. 

Take notice of this, however. Rabbits are not vicious or hostile animals. In other words, if you witness one battling another animal, it does not intend to kill the other. It is most likely motivated by a desire to defend itself and to stay alive.

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