How Long Can a Hamster Go Without Water?

Thirsty hamster seeking out water.

If you have just gotten a new pet Hamster, or even if you have had one for a while, you are bound to have a few concerns about their hydration and water demands. One of them is how long a Hamster can survive without water?

As a caring hamster parent, you are aware that you should give fresh water to your hamster daily. Even though your hamster has a jug of water large and can last many days in its cage, it may get thirsty if the container spills or breaks, which is very usual. Daily basis, change your hamster’s water source. It is the most efficient strategy to keep him hydrated.

Let us go deeper into this matter to get a broader insight into your hamster’s needs and how you may protect your hamster from sickness or harm due to water deficiency.

Water Needs for Hamsters

Several owners like to compare their pets to newborns, and there are some parallels between them. In the first place, we adore our pets as if they were members of our own family. The second point to mention is that they are entirely dependent on you. It couldn’t be more true when it comes to a Hamster as a pet.

While it may be charming at times, it can also be troublesome at other times. Even though hamsters are may not be the most outgoing of critters, they demand food and water at the very least. It is a fundamental need for their survival and well-being. You cannot tell how long your beloved pet Hamster will be able to survive without water since there is no way to measure it. It also is not something you will want to experiment with or try out.

When it comes to the length of time a Hamster may endure, several variables come into play. These include their overall health, their age, and the habitat in that they are residing. For instance, the hotter it gets, the more quickly a Hamster is becoming thirsty, and the less time they will thrive in the end.

Hamsters with health issues and those that are relatively young or older are much more susceptible to illness due to water deficiency. It is thus recommended that you check your hamster’s wants and demands over the course of its lifespan. In the end, while a Hamster may be capable of surviving for several days without water, doing so may be dangerous and is not recommended.

How Long Can a Hamster Live Without Water?

When it comes to water needs for hamsters, the answer is a bit murky, considering they differ based on the scale of your hamster. A standard dose is approximately 10 ml of water per 100 grams of hamster, given once a day. So, given that your hamster is the size of a well-grown Syrian hamster, which weighed roughly 170 grams, it would need 17 ml of water daily. Thus a 6 oz hamster requires 0.57 water ounces of water daily.

If your hamster has not had any water since this morning, it will be fine for just around two to three days. It is made possible for them to survive even without any water consumption, as they can extract water from their meals. Granules and grain produce little water, while fruit and veggies produce a huge portion of water, allowing hamsters to live for approximately a week without the need for a water supply.

It also varies depending on how often your hamster is sprinting around within circles. A livelier hamster will require the entire 10 mL of water every day. However, an idle hamster or one that is hugely older and does not move as much would probably drink as little.

Another thing to consider is the nutrition of your hamster. What you give your hamster will affect how much water it consumes. It has been shown that feeding your hamster only dry food encourages it to drink much water. However, if you provide it mostly veggies, it will extract a significant amount of water from them and will not need to utilize the jug of water as often.

If your hamster has managed to get away and is now wandering the outdoors, you should be aware that he is very adept at locating and drinking frost from tubes or a tiny pond someplace. It is not healthy for them, yet they can quickly find it in the worst eventuality.

When Does a Hamster Usually Drink Water?

They are most hyperactive at night, which makes sense since hamsters are nocturnal creatures. As a corollary, it is the time of day when they will consume the most water. Occasionally, the hamster may come out throughout the day for a quick drink or as it has detected commotion in the home. However, the majority of its drinking took place at nighttime.

Place him on an exercise ball and allow him to run around the home. Bring him back to his cage after approximately half an hour, and you will perceive that he immediately rushes to the water tube.

Similar to human beings, hamsters drink copious amounts of water soon after engaging in strenuous physical activity. Additionally, they will drink water upon consuming extremely dry food or only take a tiny sip of water whenever their bodies want it.

Due to the fact that your hamster is most productive at nighttime when you are most likely sleeping, you will not notice him drinking very frequently. 

There is nothing to worry about to ensure that your hamster is well hydrated because your hamster is almost certainly drinking water during the night.

What Kind of Water Should Hamsters Drink?

Tap water is the healthiest source of water for hamsters. Tap water that is tainted or saturated, on the other hand, should be disregarded. When selecting water for your hamsters, it is also essential to consider the temperature of the environment. You must ensure that any water you prefer to feed your hamster is neither too hot nor too cold before doing so. Hamsters should be fed water that has been bottled or purified. Distilled water is produced by distilling the vapor of water that has been heated to eliminate contaminants.

A constant supply of fresh water should be available to your hamster at all times. Hamsters that are larger in size require more water on average. Typically, it’s best to provide your hamster with water in a bottle of water that connects to the sides of their cages and has a metal tube put into the cell to ensure that they get enough. A little ball is attached to the ends of the tube, and whenever the hamster licks it, it makes the ball start moving, letting just a tiny amount of water flow at a time.

For as long as the water is safe to drink, replace the water bottle once it becomes depleted and cleanse t on a routine basis. Replenishing the bottle as it goes down should generate adequate water for your hamster’s regular requirements, no matter how big or little it is.

Can You Leave your Hamster Alone While on Vacation?

Is it possible to leave your hamster behind while you go on holiday? If you are away for a long time, you should consider finding alternate assistance for your hamster while you are away. The fact that your hamster will be fine for a short period of time does not negate the fact that it will need fresh water every day for every 12 hours.

Here are a few suggestions on what to do with your pet when you are planning a trip and intend to leave them alone:

Find Pet Care for Your Hamster

It is possible that moving them away from their usual surroundings, especially if they are nervous or do not travel well, will bring discomfort. Consequently, hiring a pet sitter may be an option as a second alternative.

Find someone who will visit your house regularly to look for all of your hamsters’ necessities, and since their habit and environment stay the very same, regular visits will provide a feeling of security for both you and your pet in your absence. 

Concerning this, taking care of your hamster, several organizations provide other services to take your pet. It is essential that you schedule a meetup with the service provider before allowing them to begin working on your home. You thoroughly investigate the background of the individual who will be in possession of the keys to your house.

As a result of the regular traveling time necessary by the sitter, this kind of pet care service is often more costly than the alternative of lodging your pet. The cost of a day’s hire may vary from approximately $25 to $40.

Leaving Your hamster with Friends and Relatives 

It is great to feel comfortable and unflappable while away on holiday and feel confident that your hamster receives the same level of attention and treatment. It would receive the same feels while you are in your holiday destination. Concisely, while searching for a hamster sitter while on vacation, the most convenient choice is to contact your trustworthy buddies or family members who live nearby to come by on your house daily.


It is impossible to predict the exact number of days that a hamster would survive without water. It is dependent mainly on the condition of the hamster and the level of care provided by its owner.

You should only leave your hamster unattended for a maximum of three to four days without water, and you may start leaving him alone for a week if you give the appropriate quantity of water. It is preferable if you can arrange for somebody to look after your hamster for you. It ensures that when you return home, you will find a healthful hamster awaiting you.

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