How to Keep Puppy Warm in Crate

Dog playing actively in the crate itself.

A question I often get asked by dog owners is about how to keep their dogs busy inside the crate. Dogs will surely get bored inside a crate, especially if they got nothing to toy with. But if you know how to keep your dog busy while inside the crate, you can surely do your pet dog an excellent service. 

Dogs, of course, are very active, and you know that if they are engaged and active, they become mentally and physically healthy. So, once you notice your dog is getting bored or becoming nostalgic, you should think of ways to keep your dog busy. 

Dogs more often get restless and agitated when they are bored. Such behavior may lead to aggressive behavior, which can be bad for you and your dog. So, it will help to keep your dog busy to prevent the onset of aggressive and other destructive behaviors.

Techniques To Keep Your Pet Dog Busy inside a Crate

The best way to keep your dog active and engaged inside their crate is to provide them with something to tinker or play with. For this reason, you must provide them with toys. There are different types of dog toys. If your dog doesn’t have anything to do inside its crate, it may end up very much desirous of getting out of the crate. As a result, it will exhibit restlessness and heightened aggressiveness. 

But if you provide them with toys, you will soon notice that they are willing to go back to their crate after walking them. Below are some of the toys that you can provide your dog to keep them busy inside the crate:

Chew Toy

The chew toy may be one of your best options when it comes to keeping your dog busy inside the crate. Dogs, of course, love chewing something, especially if they are young and teething. As a result, they may forever chew their favorite toys. Well, I am a bit exaggerating when I say forever. But obviously, dogs love to chew, and if you provide them with something to chew on, they will indeed get busy and engaged.

Plush Toy

Your dog may develop something like a crush or fetish for a toy, and when it does, the toy becomes his favorite toy and is often called a plush toy. Your dog may develop such an affinity to this toy maybe because he had grown up with that toy, and until its adulthood, it is still cuddling that toy during its sleep. Moreover, your dog will even prevent you from washing that toy because it has a fixation on that toy. 

If your dog has that strong affinity with a specific toy, then you are indeed blessed, for you don’t need to think any more of any toy that could keep your dog engaged. So, when you bring your dog anywhere, as long as your dog has that toy beside it, it will never become fidgety or restless.

Stuffed Toys

You may not think of it, but some dogs could play with stuffed toys and not rip them apart. For this reason, providing them with stuffed toys can be an excellent way to keep them engaged and busy. Nevertheless, if your dog is a destroyer or a extreme chewer, this option is not a viable option for you. They will surely chew and bit on the stuffed toy until they rip it apart. 

On the other hand, if you got an inhaler dog, you can provide them with stuffies to keep them engaged. Such toys can provide your dog with security and comfort to assuage their restlessness and boredom. You can check out some dog stuffie toys online if you want to try this stuff on your dog.

Dental Chew

You can likewise provide your dog with dental chew. This dog toy features surface grooves that can keep your dog engaged and busy. An example of this toy is the Cutiful Toothbrush Toy for dogs. The grooves work like brushes that engage and brush the dog’s teeth when they nibble or chew that toy. 

Dogs, as mentioned above, thrive in chewing anything. So, if you provide your dog with this toy, you can ensure that it will be engaged more often.  

Puzzle Feeders

One of your best options to keep your dog engaged and busy is the puzzle feeder or slow feeder. This toy is sturdy and durable and can handle the chewing of dogs. Furthermore, it is pliable enough not to cause damage to your dog’s teeth. 

Dog’s teeth need to be filed down more often, and providing your dog with a puzzle feeder is one of your best ways to file down their teeth. Moreover, puzzle feeders serve as an excellent way to keep your dog entertained. So, this toy will surely keep your dog busy and engaged inside its cage.

Provide Your Dog with a Companion

As a dog owner, you need to feel if your dog is lonely or bored. If it is alone, you can see the sadness in its eyes and its other actions. So, if ever you notice that your dog is bored and lonely, you can provide your dog with something to be happy. 

A companion dog can be one of your best ways to keep your dog happy and engaged. Dogs are sociable beings likewise. Like humans, they tend to associate with other dogs. Thus, a worthwhile dog companion can be your best gift for your lonely and bored dog.

Let Your Dog Watch TV

If you leave your dog inside its crate with nothing to do, you can keep them engaged by leaving your television on while you are away. Of course, if you want to save on your electric bills, you would indeed not consider this idea. But if you love your dog, you can let it watch TV while you are away for a while to keep it entertained while inside its crate. 

Television, of course, can provide your dog with visual stimulations, especially those channels that feature dogs and other animals. DirectTV, for example, has DogTV all day long. Such a channel is a stimulating channel for a lonely and bored canine.

Let Your Dog Listen to Classical Music

Dogs have powerful ears. Their hearing range is from 67 Hz to 45 kHz, though this range narrows down as the dog ages. With such a wide hearing range, dogs can be very sensitive to sounds and music. Hence, it will be best to provide them with great music to stimulate their hearing and brain. 

Classical music like those of Mozart and Beethoven may be excellent music pieces for your dog to keep it entertained and happy.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Dog Busy While Inside the Crate

Aside from the abovementioned tips to keep your dog busy and occupied inside its cage, it will also help if you know the following additional tips to keep your dog engaged:

Provide Your Dog with Dog Camera

The gadgets and technology for dogs have already improved, and thus, you can utilize dog cameras to keep your dog busy and engaged. One dog camera is the Furbo Dog. This camera is interactive and is easy to use. It will keep your dog active and occupied while inside its cage. You need to set up this dog camera very close to the dog’s cage or crate. In this way, your dog will keep interacting with you even if you are not near your dog or not present. 

Your voice, for example, is an incredible turn-on for your dog. So, with the use of this camera, your dog will hear your voice and get happy and busy. Even if you are away, you can talk to your dog and let it hear your voice. A dog camera, of course, is an excellent treat for your dog, and it is one of the best ways to utilize modern technology to keep your dog busy and engaged.

Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable

Your dog should be a part of your family, and for this reason, it is your responsibility to keep your dog comfortable and safe. The dog’s crate should not be there to keep your dog imprisoned. It should not serve as a cage that restricts your dog and makes it lonely. It should instead be a safe place or nook for your dog wherein it feels safe and comfortable. Hence, it behooves you to provide your dog with a cozy crate. 

If your dog feels cold, you should provide it with a blanket to keep it warm. If your dog doesn’t feel at ease and comfortable inside the crate, chances are, it will never like to stay there. 

Hence, as a responsible owner, you must be sensitive to the needs of your dog. It’s your duty to make your dog satisfied and feeling comfy likewise. If ever you notice your dog is aching to go back to its crate after playing around, it means that it feels safe and comfortable inside its crate.

Thing To Avoids

Aside from knowing the toys that can keep your dog busy inside its cage, it will also help if you are cognizant of the things you should refrain from doing to keep your dog busy inside its crate:

Avoid Providing Your Dog with Strong Stimulus Outside Its Cage

If you are desirous of keeping your dog busy inside its cage, but you often provide your dog with strong external stimuli, then you are not helping your dog stay engaged and busy inside its crate. Dogs are highly excitable creatures. They will bark and get fidgety if they see something new or unfamiliar to them. So, if you always provide your dog with visual and olfactory stimuli external to its cage, you are defeating your purpose of keeping your dog busy inside its cage. 

If you want your dog to focus inside its crate, it will surely not help to provide it with other external stimuli. But, on the other hand, if you provide your dog with strong external stimulation, the dog toy you supply inside its crate will never effectively keep it engaged and busy. 

So, you should intelligently remove every stimulus outside the crate to ensure that your dog will be single-minded in dealing with its toy. For example, you should do it if you need to position the crate away from glass windows. You don’t need to lock your dog inside a damp and suffocating room. You simply need to keep it in a place that is devoid of many external stimuli.


Pet Dogs can be a fantastic addition to your family. But before you even decide on taking a dog into your home, make sure that you know how to take care of it as a responsible owner. It will help if you do a bit of research on how to keep your dog happy, safe, healthy, and comfortable in your home. 

There will be instances, of course, that you will place your dog inside a crate. In such cases, you should consider the abovementioned tips on how to keep your dog happy and busy inside a crate. Knowing the abovementioned tips will ensure that you keep your dog happy, despite confining it inside a crate.

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