Can Dog Food Cause Ear Infections?

Checking ear infection on dog.

Dogs are most often afflicted with ear infections due to dietary allergies. Food allergies may lead to inflammatory diseases, which allow for the development of yeast and bacteria in the intestines, ultimately building up to the rest of the body, especially the ear. Based on study findings is that one in five dogs has some … Read more

Can Dog Food Cause Seizures?

dog seizures

A variety of causes may induce seizures in dogs, such as the ingestion of toxins or potentially poisonous chemicals, among many other things. Aside from higher and lower blood sugar, micronutrient deficiencies, and other metabolism factors, specific causes may also occur. Idiopathic epilepsy, commonly known as primary epilepsy, is the most prevalent symptom of seizures … Read more

Dog Eating Slower Than Usual

Dog eat very slow.

The majority of dogs are active eaters, indulging enthusiastically at meals or consuming copious amounts of rewards. Therefore, it may be very worrying for pet owners when their dog begins to eat more slowly than average, mainly since dogs can barely convey their emotions to humans through physical expressions. Several internal and external stresses may … Read more

How to Make Cat Food Gravy

Wet and gravy cat food in a bowl.

A large number of cat food varieties have just appeared on the marketplace, and this may be excellent news for pet parents. They no longer have to be concerned about what they will feed their fuzzy felines. However, numerous pet owners are worried about the safety of pre-packaged cat food. Several pet owners do not … Read more

How Long Can Cats Survive Without Water?

Cat refusing to drink water for a few days.

No one on our planet can survive for an extended time without water. Water makes up more than half of our bodies, whether they are humans or cats. A human is composed of about 60% water in its body. In comparison, cats consisted approximately 67 % of water in their body. As a result, we … Read more

Cat Feeding Guide by Weight

Scaling the weight of a cat to adjust its feeding portion and frequency.

At first, feeding a cat seems to be a straightforward process. For your cat to consume the food you purchase, you must first place the food in a bowl and then wait for your cat to finish the food when it is hungry. The technique can be effective, but it does not necessarily play a … Read more

What Pet Stores Sell Dogs?

Family is buying and getting a new dog.

Most pet stores have witnessed a response from customers who refuse animals from kitten and puppy mills, and they would like to separate themselves from them and don’t want to sell dogs.  However, PetSmart and PetValu continue to offer cats available for adoption, but the animals are now sourced from animal shelters or sanctuaries. Thus, … Read more

How Long to Feed Puppy Food?

Should you change your puppy food to adult dog food?

There are various methods you may use to ensure that your dog consumes well-balanced and nutritious food. But with so many different feeding regimens to select from, all of which are of varied quality, it may not be easy to know which direction to turn. The choices you make about your puppy’s food and nutrition … Read more

How Long Do Hamsters Hibernate For?

A hamster is in the hibernation state.

If you consider getting a companion hamster, it is critical that you learn everything you can regarding them. Hamsters hibernate throughout the winter, which is something that numerous people are unfamiliar with. You will find out all over hamster hibernation indicators, how to prevent unnecessary hamster hibernation, and other aspects of hamster care today in … Read more