Do Cats Attack, Kill, and Eat Rabbits?

Cat hunt and chase rabbit in the wild.

Everyone is aware that cats like chasing, hunting, killing, and playing with rodents. The majority of cat toys are even shaped like mice. Even if your cat were born in confinement, you would be amazed at how much hunting skill it has if you have ever seen it pursue and pounce on one of these … Read more

Cat Feeding Guide by Age

Learn how to feed cat according to their ages.

The age of your cat is essential in determining the quantity and kind of food you should give. You may need to change the formula you give it depending on its activity level or weight. Learn the fundamentals of ensuring that you provide your cat the right food at every stage of its development. In … Read more

Do Cats Like Mint?

Everyone is aware of how much cats like the scent of mint plants, but have you ever wondered how safe mint plants are for cats to ingest? What is it with mint that cats find appealing? Feline are attracted to mint-scented goods or mint plants since this mint smell close to catnip, which they find … Read more

Cat Not Peeing But Acting Normal

Cat sit still in the toilet box and unable to pee.

Are you concerned that your cat is having difficulty peeing? Cats are distinctive creatures, each with an array of characteristics that contribute to their individuality. As a result, you may be able to identify when they are not themselves. Sometimes, this indicates that your cat is having a bad day, but there are symptoms to … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? (Chart)

Controlling the amount and portions you feed the dogs.

Many dog owners always have the challenge of determining how much food to give their dogs. The simple visit to the pet shop doesn’t provide the whole story since several subtleties differ across the dogs.  When it comes to keeping dogs healthy, one of the most effective methods is giving them the appropriate quantity of … Read more

Why Do Cats Sleep On Their Backs?

Two cats sleep and lay on their back.

Cats constantly communicate with humans via nonverbal cues, yet their messages may be difficult to understand on occasions. Then what is a cat attempting to communicate once it is lying on its back?  Typically, cats lay on their stomachs with their legs curled beneath them. Cats may sometimes tuck their heads and tails up to … Read more

Different Types of Cat Breeds

Positive experiences with cats by their owner made a lasting impact that may contribute to the rise in popularity with some famous cats in the world. The amount of affection and playfulness are two of the most desirable characteristics of feline companions to be loved by all. Cats still a mystery to us, even we … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

A guinea pig is eating small piece of grape.

There are several reasons why the guinea pig (cavy) belongs to one of the most popular pets in the world. Why? Because the guinea pig is hardy, easy to care for, lives longer, and is unique. But if ever you decide to have a guinea pig, it will be best to consider the essential factors … Read more

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other?

Cats lick and groom each other on the window.

Cats may lick for countless hours. Whenever you have that much fur, staying clean requires commitment. Cats utilize their mainly developed tongues to maintain appropriate grooming by removing dirt collected during the day and detangling strands in their furry hair. However, this cleaning process is not always limited to their bodies. Their licking spreads to … Read more

Can Dogs Have Cantaloupe?

Should you feed your dog with Cantaloupe?

It may be challenging to keep checking which fruits are safe for your canine friend to eat like a dog owner. So, are dogs allowed to eat cantaloupe? Dogs may safely consume the delicious cantaloupe within the limit, and it can be a healthful alternative to conventional treats, mainly if your companion is obese. Even … Read more