Why Do Cats Run Sideways?

A cat is running sideways in the garden.

Certain cat mannerisms have even bewildered their owners. Owners like their cats for what they are, even their peculiar characteristics, yet there is no doubting that cats act strangely and transcend logic at times. The issue with cats is that their demeanors are often difficult to define fully. However, when a more considerable percentage of … Read more

Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face?

Cat placing paw on human face.

Cats may be pretty cryptic; they may be tough to interpret and comprehend entirely despite you even owned them for an extended period of moment. Nevertheless, whenever a cat desires something, it will inform you. They will use various actions, including body expressions utilized to communicate multiple ideas and feelings. However, what concerning cats that … Read more

How to Keep Puppy and Dog Warm in Crate

Freezing puppy dog in the crate.

George Eliot once said that “animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticism.” I would agree with him, for pets like dogs would never criticize you. Dogs, for example, are just there like real friends, and their presence means a lot for all of us.  Pet dogs should be treated as … Read more

Best Pet Birds for Beginners

12 types and species of bird that most suitable for beginners.

Several years ago, one of my foremost concerns as an aspiring pet bird owner was about which pet bird is best for beginners. So I did my assignment then, searched online, and asked pet bird owners for their recommendations, and my effort paid off. I had learned which species of birds are best for beginners … Read more