How Big Do Russian Hamsters Get?

Large Russian hamster.

If you’re thinking about getting a hamster or have already bought a small hamster that is still growing, you may be pondering. How big do Russian Hamsters grow? Campbell’s hamsters and winter white hamsters are two kinds of Russian dwarf hamsters often kept as pets and the most popular animals out there. Pet shops often … Read more

Smallest Hamster Breed

Different breeds of small size hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters were formerly exclusively accessible through licensed breeders. However, as the reputation of these hamster breeds amongst pet owners has grown, a few of these breeds have become more easily accessible to local pet shops. Dwarf hamsters are the smallest breeds of hamsters that are found mainly in arid areas all over the globe. … Read more

Best Hamster for Handling

Woman handling and playing with her hamster pet.

Even though all breeds of hamsters are sociable with their owners, several folks believe that a hamster’s sociability depends on several factors, including the hamster’s gender, how domesticated they are, and whether or not they are housed on their own or in a cage. Throughout time, you may develop a strong emotional attachment to your … Read more

How to Take Care of a Dwarf Hamster

Take care of Dwarf hamster.

Dwarf hamsters are very social creatures making them wonderful family pets and companions. When petted frequently, they become domesticated. Dwarf hamsters are believed to have originated in Asia, where the weather is hot throughout the day and cooler at nighttime. These breeds are nocturnal animals, sleeping for the majority of the day and becoming active … Read more

How Long Before Dead Hamster Smells?

Dead hamster in the cage.

It is difficult to explain the stench of demise. The stench of a dead hamster corpse, which is unpleasant and puke-inducing, will alert most individuals that something is wrong with only one whiff of it. However, you may not even be aware that your pet died on your hands until the carcass starts to rot … Read more

Why is My Hamster Shaking?

Handling shaking hamster in hand.

Have you ever thought of getting a hamster as a pet? It is no secret that they are very widely known as pets because of their apparent adorableness and affordability of maintenance. In actuality, many parents choose hamsters as their children’s first pets as a means of instilling responsibilities and fostering love in their children’s … Read more